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Collaborative solution for construction projects

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Collaborative solution for construction projects

BulldozAIR is a mobile solution for field reporting during the entire construction project lifecycle.
Contractors, architects, engineers and property managers collaborate with a dedicated tool.

Cross-device & Cross-platform

Access all your data on your desktop, smartphone and tablet.
Everything is available offline, synchronized and safely stored online, whatever the device.

Cross-device and cross-platform solution

It’s not just a matter of punchlist

Building sites are unique prototypes and bring you tons of unexpected tasks to be handled right from the start.
It’s not just a matter of punchlist. BulldozAIR brings a new dimension to construction project management.

save valuable time

Save valuable time

Whether you're at your desk or on the field, stay on top of building sites issues, collaborate with your teams, track and reply to issues.

all you need in one place

All you need in one place

All your blueprints and projects tasks are embedded in one synchronized place.

Easy field reporting and monitoring

Save valuable time spent onsite by having all your building site notes synchronised among the multiple professionals you work with. It’s really easy. Once you've invited somebody on your project, he gets notified of the latest tasks to accomplish on its smartphone, tablet or desktop. The task has multiple modules (picture, sketches, localization…) for better understanding. Users answer or validate your notes directly in the app and everything is kept in the same synchronized place and it can be seen on a map or inside a filtered list.

More than punchlisting

Of course BulldozAIR allows you manage the end of your project's lifecycle. But it goes further tackling the construction site's repetitive, time-consuming and sometimes annoying everyday issues, which most of the time cannot be placed on a map. Theses issues require the best supervision. Study shifts, materials or intervention approvals, on-site safety or even administrative and legal notes are dealt with directly in BulldozAIR. Free your mind from all the harassment and let BulldozAIR deal with it.

Collaborative & customizable

Easily assign tasks to co-workers and monitor their progress. BulldozAIR is customizable so you can keep track of the way you work with your teams. Edit customized report by organizing your folders and tags. For people that prefer it the traditionnal way, you can also edit PDF reports filtred by many criterias (company, user, location...). Our reports are also customizable with your company logo and project details (name, address, contact, photo...) so that it looks perfectly professional.

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Innovation Awards

BulldozAIR won the Microsoft European AppCup 2013.

BulldozAIR was the winner of the Paris Startup Weekend in September 2012.

BulldozAIR was the winner of the Paris Startup Weekend in September 2012.

Award winner at Batimat Innovation 2013.

Meet the team behind BulldozAIR

Blockbase prides itself in the quality and expertise of the BulldozAIR team. We use our skills in both software development and construction project management to provide professionals with B2B mobile applications to optimize communications, operations and productivity.

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    Maxence Lerigner


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    Ali El Hariri


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    Matthieu de La Roche

    Software Engineer/Web

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    Bathilde Rocchia

    Software Engineer/Windows 8

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    Charly Joulié

    Software Engineer/Android

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    Paul Aubineau

    Software Engineer/Web

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    Laurent Boyenval

    Sales & Marketing

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    Guillaume Baptiste

    Application Designer

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    Benjamin Roux

    Software Engineer/Windows 8